​Respiro Dive Center

         "Our greatest discovery yet was the wreck of the MOSKVA destroyer. We looked for it for 2 years and being the first divers ever to dive there gave us a great deal of satisfaction. Nothing compares with the thrill of discovery. You know it's a wreck on the sonar but you don't have a clue what it really is and how it looks like until you descend there. This feeling is what drives us further.  

         We created an NGO for this purpose and we are trying to bring together all divers sharing our interest. We finance this NGO mainly from our own pockets and this gives us the independence of doing what we want, choosing the projects we like and the friends we enjoy.

​         We like to think that this is only the beginning. We have many projects still to come, and the feeling that "no one was ever here before me", the thrill of exploring new wrecks is addictive.



                                   Projects for 2016:


Project 1.    Further filming and documenting Moskva

Project 2.    Identifying, exploring and documenting the M Class soviet sub 

Project 3.    Identifying, exploring and documenting Drake's ship

Project 4.    Finding the the BTSC-410 mine layer     ​