Respiro Dive Center

Respiro Dive Center

built 1927,

      sunk April 29, 1947

discovered by Romanian Navy divers


Finding site: easy

Visibility: 5-15 m

Current: weak to moderate

Dive difficulty: medium

Presence of lines or nets: low

Historical interest: high

Photographic interest: high

Biological interest: medium


Type of wreck: cargo

Nationality: German

Year of construction: 1927

Displacement: 1756 DWT

Length: 84.16 m

Width: 12.86 m

Date of sinking: April 29, 1943

Cause of sinking: collision with a mine 

Site position: 8.5 km East from Cape Midia

Geographical coordinates:  44° 18.464'N ; 28° 48.411'E

Survivors: all

Cargo: empty

Minimum depth: 20 m

Maximum depth: 28 m